Car Hire Cyprus: Answers & Tips on what to know!

January 03, 2024

Hot Topics Regarding Cyprus Car Rentals

In this blog post, we will dive into some situations you might encounter while renting a car in Cyprus! We will scrutinize each question with honesty and provide you with helpful information and our tips.

Car Rental Cyprus Road

How much does it cost to rent a car in Larnaca, Cyprus?

Well, car rental prices in Larnaca and Cyprus in general, depend on many different aspects. The season, the size and category of the car, what type of insurance is included, and what extras ( Tyres and Windshield insurance, SCDW insurance, Additional Driver insurance, Baby seats, GPS etc) you will select. See below an average of car rental prices in Cyprus per week for a small car per season:

-Small car in Low Season: EUR117 per week

-Small car in Mid Season: EUR148 per week

-Small car in High Season: EUR222 per week  

Can I Hire a Car at Larnaca Airport?

Yes, you can hire a car directly from Larnaca Airport! We at Alo Car Rentals deliver our cars directly to Larnaca Airport.

Is it cheaper to rent a car in Cyprus in advance?

You should book your car rental in Cyprus in advance to obtain a good offer. Especially as the summer approaches, prices tend to hike significantly due to the shortage of cars available compared to the amount of tourists the island attracts. Many local car rental companies like Alo Car Rentals in Larnaca offer big discounts if you book in advance. Book your car rental in Larnaca online by filing your dates in our modern live system and find out real time availability and pricing.

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a car in Cyprus?

It depends; you don't if your original driving license is printed with the Roman alphabet. You will require an international driving license in Cyprus if the original driving license is printed in the NON-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc)

What steps should be taken in case of an accident during your car rental duration in Cyprus?

First, if you are involved in such a car accident, you must ensure everyone's health condition and call the emergency line if there are any injured passengers. Secondly, you must inform the car rental company here in Cyprus and the police and also take down any information regarding the other car involved in the car accident. Most rental companies will provide guidelines on what to do in such cases.

At Alo Car Rentals in Larnaca, we provide written information and guidance on what you should do in case of an accident or breakdown; we also have 24-hour road assistance to support you in such a case.

How the rental company will charge the customer in case of an accident or damage?

Usually, the car rental company will charge you only for the part that must be repaired. Initially, the car should be taken to an authorized auto repair center for a damage evaluation. The damaged part (e.g., left door) must be repaired and resprayed. Be aware that a whole piece (panel) must be repaired and resprayed, irrespective of the size of the actual scratch or damage. Professional auto centers will not accept otherwise.


Always take photos and videos of the car before signing the contract since these are genuine evidence of the car's condition (verified with the date & time) and can be used in case of an argument with the car rental company. We at Alo Car Rentals in Larnaca always suggest our customers do so for their benefit.

Can I cross the North Cyprus border with a rental car?

Most rental companies in Cyprus (if not all) will not allow you to drive to the occupied part of Cyprus (North Cyprus) with their rental car. The most important reason to do so is car insurance, which, due to the fact there is a political issue, the insurance companies are not accepting liability on the North side and hence do not provide any insurance there. If you find a company that will allow you to cross the border, it does not imply that you will be covered. Remember that your car insurance is automatically canceled – void once you cross, so be suspicious about it.


It is suggested to read the small print and take written permission if the car rental company says that it allows you to cross the border, as you will likely pay a fortune to bring the car to the Greek Cypriot part if any unlucky event arises (dead car battery, flat tire, accident or any other car breakdown). Consider also that you will be responsible for finding a road truck to bring the car to the Greek Cypriot side.

Why car rental companies require deposits?

Deposit is essential for any car rental company since it is the only tangible leverage a company owner will hold against the rental car. Let me explain; for example, let's say an average new car will cost around EUR25.000; what will be the company's power to ensure that the customer will return the car in the same condition as taken or in the scenario that there are damages how the company will recover these damages without the deposit or in an even worse scenario that the car will even be returned. Another important reason is that a serious car rental company will want to attract serious customers who will take care of their cars like it's their cars and, of course, will have in mind that there is a deposit to cover any damages made under their possession.

What is the difference between deposit and excess?

As stated above, a deposit Is the amount of money a car rental company will withhold until the car is returned in the same condition as taken. Excess, on the other hand, is the maximum amount a customer will pay in case of an accident or damage (given the terms and conditions are followed, and the contract remains valid). In many situations, the deposit will be equal to excess; however, there are companies in which excess and deposit are not equal.

We hope you enjoyed our article! If you still have questions, please check our FAQ section, and also feel free to Contact us for any other questions you would like to know regarding your future car hire in Larnaca, Cyprus!