Terms & Conditions

1. The owner rents to the renter/driver, whose signature appears on this rental agreement, which the renters/drivers accepts and agrees to observe.

2. All charges are paid in advance. Any fine or penalty due to violation of the traffic code is paid by the renter/driver.

3. Cars on display are examples only; reservations are by car group and not by car make and/or model.

4. All major credit & debit cards are accepted. A valid credit / debit card with available funds to cover the excess amount should be presented (excess amount will be held for the duration of the rental).

5. Minimum age for renting a car is 25 and maximum 75. The driver between 21-24 years old, with 3 years valid driving license must pay a young driver insurance of EUR7 per day. The driver over 75 years of age with a valid driving license and in good health must pay a senior driver insurance of EUR5 per day. For drivers below the minimum driver requirements the excess amount is doubled. Driving license printed with Non-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an International driving license.

6. Collision damage waiver (C.D.W): Full insurance with excess reduces the renters liability in case of an accident to the excess amount specified in table below according to the car group:
EXCESS BY GROUP: A, A1: €300  |  B, B1: €400  |  C, C1: €500  |  D, D1, D2: €500  |  E1, F1: €600  |  G1: €900  |  H1: €1.000

7. The vehicle is properly insured against the law. A copy of the insurance policy is available during normal business hours at the office of the owner. The Renter or himself, and on behalf of any Authorised driver, agrees to comply with and be bound by all the terms, conditions and limitations of such policy which are hereby incorporate by reference into this agreement as fully as if the same were set out herein. It does not cover its renter/ driver for his/her death or injuries.

8. The vehicle is insured only for the rental period shown on this rental agreement. Thereafter, unless an extension is agreed to, the Owner declines all responsibility for accidents which the renter/driver may have caused and for which he/she alone shall be responsible.

9. The Owner declines any responsibility for injury to third parties or damage that the renter/driver may cause during the rental period, if he/she has wilfully supplied Alo Car Rentals Limited with false information as to his/her identity, address or the validity of his/her driving license. In that case the renter/driver is not covered by the insurance policy.

10. The Renter/Driver will immediately inform the Owner of any loss or damage to, or fault or deterioration in, the Vehicle and will not use the Vehicle whilst it is in an unroadworthy condition or liable to cause damage to any person or property.

11. The Owner accepts no responsibility for delays caused by or attributable to the breakdown or malfunction of the vehicle or any other circumstances whether similar or not.

12. Damages caused to the roof, undercarriage, tyres and/or wheels, keys (lost or damaged), windows, side mirrors, windscreen, glass and oil sump are not cover by C.D.W or S.C.D.W.

13. Any damage to the interior of the car including stains and burns are the client’s responsibility and are not covered by any type of Waiver.

14. All Waivers exclude damage caused by off road use, loose surface roads or within the Akamas Park. Any damage caused will be the renters/drivers responsibility.

15. Fuel policy is FULL TO FULL. The car must be returned with a full tank, if not, a refuelling charge of €20 in addition to the missing fuel will apply.

16. If you are planning to visit the Turkish occupied area of Cyprus please be aware that no insurance company offers insurance coverage there and our company forbids such action. Driving to the north occupied part of Cyprus is done entirely at your own risk. Alo Car Rentals Limited will be unable to offer you any support in case of an accident or incident in the northern occupied part of Cyprus, the renter/driver will be held responsible for the full value of the car.

17. If the vehicle returned requires more than the usual cleaning in order to be restored to its pre-rental condition the renter will be charged the valeting cost. In addition, smoking is not permitted in our vehicles, if the vehicle is returned with evidence of smoking an additional penalty fee of EUR80 will apply.

18. The vehicle and equipment must be returned to the location, date and time specified in the rental agreement and in the same condition as it was when received. If the vehicle and equipment is not returned to the location identified, the renter/driver will be responsible for any damage and/or loss that is caused to them. In addition, it will be the renters/drivers responsibility to pay for the loss of use and any additional costs for their return.

19. The vehicle will not be used:
  a) By any other person unless owners written permission has been given;
  b) For the carriage of passengers and property for the hire or reward;
  c) For any illegal purpose;
  d) On non-asphalted roads, to propel or tow any other Vehicle or trailer;
  e) For racing, pace making, reliability trials, speed testing, other contests or driving tuition;
  f) Otherwise than on a made-up or carriageway;
  g) Outside Cyprus without the express agreement in writing of the owner;
  h) To carry a grater number of passengers and/or larger than recommended by the Vehicle Manufacturer;
  i) In violating of the provision of any Act, Order or Regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the Vehicle;

20. The Vehicle shall not be driven or operated by any person:
  a) Who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates;
  b) Who suffers from any physical infirmity or defective vision or hearing;
  c) In any manner which will render any applicable insurance policy void.

21. In case of an accident the renter/driver must notify the police and owner immediately, not remove the car without the owner’s consent or police instructions, not discuss liability, deal or settle with parties relative to the accident, and obtain the car registration number of the vehicle involved, names and addresses of witnesses and deliver to Alo Car Rentals Limited.

22. In case of an accident which is renters/drivers fault, Alo Car Rentals Limited bares no commitment to change or replace the Car. No refund to be made. The renter/driver has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

23. No money can be refunded in any event after the signature of this contract.

24. Alo Car Rentals Limited reserve the right to refuse the car to any customer who fails to arrive on time (except if your flight is delayed and we are aware with the flight number in advance) with all necessary documentation and a credit / debit card with enough funds for the car’s deposit. In such case, unless the rental has been cancelled in advance, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

25. The renter/driver agrees to accept debit of the rental charges as well as charges for obligations or responsibilities deriving from this rental agreement to his personal or company credit / debit card.

26. No right of the Owner under the Agreement will be waived except in writing signed by the Owner’s Managing Director.

27. The owner has the inalienable right to terminate the present agreement, without liable to damages, if the renter makes bad use of the Vehicle and/or contract to the terms of hire.