Car Leasing in Larnaca

Alo Car Rentals offers ideal leasing solutions for individuals and companies residing in Larnaca or other locations in Cyprus. A flexible and yet efficient lease agreement is offered and tailored according to the customer's specialized needs.

Leasing a car with Alo can vary from 3 months to 60 months for an agreed fixed fee and price. Our pricing ranges according to the car group selected and the type of insurance needed.

Car leasing in Larnaca Cyprus, in the form of long term car rental, can be an ideal transportation solution for both business and pleasure purposes.

We now all live in a fast-changing world and a busy lifestyle environment. Hence, just focus on your core business and leave anything else related to your car needs to us.

Car leasing in Larnaca

Reasons to choose Alo’s Larnaca Car Leasing service

Nowadays, the cost of acquiring your own personal car or even a company car can become very stressful. Car leasing is a smart and effective way for anyone interested in saving all vehicle maintenance and insurance costs. At the same time, you will have a reliable leased vehicle without having to worry about unexpected monthly expenses. Therefore, choosing a car from Alo Car Rentals large fleet can be a practical way of fulfilling your needs.

Benefits of car leasing in Cyprus

Included with any car leasing in Cyprus:

Third Party Insurance
All maintenance expenses included
Service expenses included
Tyre change
Road Tax
Flexible payments
Support and consultation
24/7 Road assistance
Clear terms and policies

Car Leasing in Larnaca FAQs

What is the procedure for requesting a long-term rental offer from Alo Car Rentals in Cyprus?

First of all, check our existing fleet on our website since all cars shown can be offered to customers for a more extended period at a lower rate. Then, contact us by providing with the below information:
-Period of interest
-Car of interest
-Drivers age

How do I get a lower rate on my long-term car rental offer?

Well, during any season, we can offer a package at a lower rate than the rate online for at least three months, always depending on availability and market conditions.

How to get a monthly car rental payment plan?

A 12-month car rental contract is required to have the option of a monthly payment plan. If the contract is less than 12 months, there is still an option for a lower rate, with the requirement that we receive the whole amount of the rental upfront.

How is the payment process?

The payment process generally depends on the rental period and the season conditions. However, the monthly rental fee is always prepaid and the deposit is held for the duration of the leasing contract.

What is the best period for getting the most favorable car rental deal?

Requesting a car rental in Cyprus during the low season (December, January, February) is the ideal time to get the most favorable offer.

Will I be able to get a long-term rental?

During the high season, we are generally full, so we might not be able to offer you a longer rental.

What is the minimum and maximum car leasing period?

The minimum leasing period is 3 months and maximum is 60 months.

Who is eligible for a car leasing?

Anyone residing in Cyprus with a valid driving license and three years driving experience is eligible to lease a car from Alo Car Rentals Limited.

Is there any mileage restriction?

Normally there is no mileage restriction. However, the type of car usage should be informed and accepted by our company before the beginning of the leasing contract.

What type of insurance is offered in pricing?

Third-party insurance is included in pricing. However, Full Insurance with excess can be offered according to the car group selected.

Contact us now for your car of choice and leave the rest to our experts, your car will be inspected and delivered to you in no time.