Guide to Save the Most on Larnaca Cyprus Car Rental!

March 15, 2024

15 Tips to Save Money on Your Car Hire in Larnaca!

Finding the right car rental company in Cyprus could be a lifesaver! However, this is not always easy. Everyone has heard stories regarding unfortunate incidents which have even ruined holidays eventually! So make sure you read the below and obtain an advantage when it has to do with Saving unnecessary costs on your next holidays!

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Rent a Car from Larnaca Airport!

Renting a car from Larnaca Airport will eventually cost you less than you expect! Let me explain: you can select a local company that can deliver the rental car to Larnaca Airport, so you will gain both from a lower price by selecting a local firm compared to a multinational and also have the car delivered straight to the airport, saving time and money.

Car Rental in Advance from Larnaca Airport

Booking a car hire from Larnaca Airport in advance will allow you to find an economic deal and save money! Avoid staying last minute since prices will rise due to demand, and there is a high chance that you will not find a car even by paying a premium!

Find a local Cypriot Car Rental Company with flexible terms!

Post-COVID and other unfortunate events, everyone hesitates to plan. If you do so and plan well ahead, you need to find a company with flexible terms! Although this might not happen with all airlines and hotels, you should try at least to achieve it with your car rental! So, it is essential to choose a company with flexible terms and full money back in case of cancellation so you don’t lose your money.

Plan your driving trip!

If you are planning to visit many cities in Cyprus, plan to return the rental car to the city you took it. Also, there is a common rule: the more days you rent the car, the lower the daily rate will be. Avoid making different bookings and thinking you will save money; you will spend more instead.

Select the correct Car Size!

Before booking,  check what you need to transport with your rental car, like bags, baby buggies, etc. Contact the agency before to ensure your items fit the rental car you have booked! Do not let it last minute, as the company might not have availability to offer alternatives on the day of your arrival, and you might need a taxi to transfer the extra items not fitting in the car, which sure will cost a lot more than booking the correct car size from the beginning. Is it worth mentioning that some car hire companies in Cyprus offer the first baby seat for FREE!

Be Loyal! Avoid Changing every time!

If you have found the golden recipe for the perfect car rental agency and are a happy repeater, why seek a change? Stay loyal to the car rental company that treats you well, and if they look after you, they might offer exclusive deals! If not, remind them you are a repeater, and most likely, you will benefit from it with either discounts or even freebies!

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Know your rights but your duties as well!

You must know and read the terms and conditions you are signing! If something is cheap compared to the market, be suspicious about it. Also, taking a video and documenting any preexisting damages on the car you will get is essential.

Always fill up the tank with the correct fuel type!

First of all, It is crucial to fuel your rental with the correct fuel type; don’t risk it; better ask if you are not aware or have forgotten,  as accidentally selecting the wrong fuel will cause serious damage to the car and even if not, it will bring costs to the renter! Many companies have a policy of getting the car full and returning it full! If that’s the case, stick to it, as there will be a refueling service fee on top of the fuel missing for the customers who do not bring the car fuel tank as it should be. Always comply with what you sign and agree to.

Try to time your Pick Up/ Drop Off Time!

As you know, even though some, if not all, rental companies deliver cars 24/7 out of office hours like midnight or even after midnight, there is an extra charge, so if you can find a time during office hours you might benefit from a slightly better price. Although, this is not always possible since some flights arrive or depart overnight.

Stick to One Driver!

Having the most experienced or comfortable driver driving the rental car is always a good idea. If you are sure that nobody else will drive, there is no need for additional drivers to be added to the car rental agreement. Additional drivers always have an extra fee, which is paid, so it will be included in the insurance coverage.

25 years or above!

It is no secret that in Cyprus, you must have at least three years of driving experience and be 25 years old or older to be eligible to rent a car. You will have an additional young driver fee if you are younger than that (between 21 and 24). Also, your excess deposit OR deductible (what you will pay in case of an accident/damage) will be significantly higher than a driver over 25 years old. Have in mind that Alo Car Rentals in Larnaca offers Zero Deposit & Zero Excess option for drivers above 25.

Check your Credit Card Benefits!

If you are a credit card holder, you might already have C.D.W. Insurance (Collision Damage Waiver insurance), which might reimburse you in case of an accident or breakdown! This is very popular amongst USA credit card holders. So, check what you are entitled to before buying extra insurance!

Navigator / GPS

Even though some premium car models might include pre-installed navigation or GPS you may have a 100% free alternative. Bring your car mobile holder or even ask your rental company to provide one (if available) and download Cyprus maps from Google or any other available application. Some applications require internet access; do your research.

Always turn off your rental car lights when the car is off!

It is a no-brainer that having the car's lights on when the engine is switched off will deteriorate or even destroy (dry out) the car battery, and a new one may be required! Even though some more luxury cars have an automated option, this is not the case with 99% of the rental cars in Cyprus!

Do not Smoke inside the car!

If you are a smoker, avoid smoking in the car, not only because it is possible to burn the interior but also because of the bad smell! Even if you do not burn something, the car rental company may charge you to thoroughly clean the car's interior and the air conditioner so it does not smell bad for the next customer!